Boosting Productivity: 10 Team Building Activities in Portugal for Cold Days


The colder months don’t have to be all quiet activities in, but they will need to remain indoors when you’re thinking of organising your next team building event, or corporate event. There are still endless activities you can enjoy out of the way, and Portugal offers a range of great team building suggestions. Here are ten ideas for bonding with the team indoors!

Spa Party

A Spa Party can be an excellent team building activity. Give your team the time to relax and indulge, and the opportunity of communicating in a different setting, which is very important. Portugal has world-renowned hotels with some of the best spas in the world. Whether in Porto, Lisbon or Algarve, there are plenty of luxurious and exclusive options that your team will love.

Food Experience

Portugal is widely known for its gastronomy: immerse your team in the Portuguese culture by developing a team building activity around food. Do a tour in the city while experimenting traditional tapas, and discovering how they are made. Portuguese food with its fish, its meat and the delicious desserts is very comforting during the colder weather!

Wine Tasting

If you and your team are into wine, a Team Building activity is great to discover many of the demarcated wine regions of Portugal. Besides wine tasting, it is possible to enjoy the beautiful landscape of wineries, as well as the history of surrounding regions – a memorable team experience!

Creative Painting

If you want your team to develop creativity and team communication, creative painting is an excellent way of increasing cohesion amongst the team. Guided by an artist, teams are asked to creatively experiment and find new ways of expression. This activity is developed in art museums, the perfect setting for a team activity like this.

Surf Workshop

The Portuguese coast is vast and from North to South, the beaches are great to do surf, which is a sport that can be done year round. As a Team Building activity, surfing develops trust, communication, problem solving and team cooperation.

Private Cruise

With the beautiful scenery of Lisbon or Porto, during any time of the year, you and your team can embark on a private cruise with a meal aboard, music and lots of fun. Enjoy relaxed moments with your team, while giving them a unique experience by having an exclusive private party in a boat!

Jeep Safari

Thanks to its pristine and beautiful nature, Portugal has many Natural parks and protected areas with amazing landscape for you and your team to enjoy. Gerês, Sintra and Arrabida are just a few of the places you have to know. A jeep safari is an adventurous and fun activity to discover the hidden gems of Portugal, while having great moments with your team. As team building it develops trust, problem solving and team cooperation.

Golf Experience

Portugal is well known for its excellent golf courts, and this is a year-long sport that can be practiced by all! Challenge your team for some healthy competition, learn some of the trick and engage in an team activity that develops coordination, team cooperation and communication. Golf can be done in any time of the year, and it is excellent because while you play, you and your team the beautiful Portuguese surrounding landscape.

Peddy Paper in Historical Centre

Embark on a unique team building program by doing a peddy-paper in the historical centre of one of the main Portuguese cities. While getting to know fun facts about Portuguese history and tradition, engage with your team trying to face each challenge on time!

Hiking and Bike Tours in the Nature

With a colder climate it is better to do certain sports, such as hiking and biking, as in the peak of the summer it would be too hot. Portugal has many parks with defined routes that you and your team can enjoy. As a team building activity this brings many advantages, as being together in a natural setting increases cooperation, creativity and self-confidence.
Enjoy the beautiful Portuguese islands of Azores or Madeira, the amazing Sintra Mountain or the North and Gerês.

Thanks to its good weather and diversity, Portugal is the great destination for a winter company retreat. If you feel curious about these activities and would like to plan a bespoke experience for your team, contact Incentives Portugal, and they will be glad to help you creating the best winter corporate program!