10 Valuable Employment Engagement Ideas and Activities


Your staff is your organization’s greatest asset! If you want to keep your staff engaged with the company’s goals and values, it is very important to follow some good practices. Find the 10 most important ideas and activities to motivate your team.

1. Understand your staff members’ unique motivations

If you want to motivate your staff, it is very important to know each person’s unique motivation. Everyone is different so it is nice to promote communication amongst the team so that they feel safe to tell you about their expectations in the workplace. Once you know their individual motivations, you are more well prepared for the next step.

2. Establish goals for the team

At the beginning of any project or at the start of a new year, establish goals for your team. Gather everyone in a meeting and talk openly about the goals of the company. This will promote engagement and it will inspire your team to work harder on these objectives.

3. Praise your employees’ hard work

Especially during moments of great workload, stress and lots to do, it is easy to forget about recognizing your staff’s diligence and commitment. It is very important to praise your employees’ hard work because this makes them know know that you acknowledge their effort.

4. Celebrate collective victories

When things go well, do not forget celebration! Collective celebration is a great way of engaging your team, creating a sense of belonging and motivating the team to work even harder the next time! When your coworkers exceeds themselves, organize a moment to celebrate together - this is important for your organization’s culture.

5. Promote a healthy working environment

The best way to promote a good working environment is to set the example for the team. Communicate openly about problems, share your concerns and involve all the team in common challenges. If you promote a trustworthy environment, teams will know how to work better together and be happier!

6. Do an informal day at the office

Casual fridays don’t occur just by chance. It is proved that, when teams feel more relaxed at times, they are more creative, more open and communicate better overall. Let your team relax a bit more by organizing a weekly or monthly informal day at the office. During this day you can gather the team for a relaxed lunch together, they can dress informally and sometimes even go out for a bit together. This will contribute for closer and more engaged teams.


7. Give your staff a moment for creative thinking

The best companies usually implement this good practice - establish a moment during the workday for creative thinking. Innovation is one of the most important things in any organization. Whether for solving a specific problem, developing a new product, improving a process/service… creative thinking can be very beneficial both for your company and your employees. Let them try and experiment, this way they’ll learn new things, feel more engaged and probably contribute in a positive way to the success of the organization.

8. Ask your team what they would improve in your organization

If you really want to improve the organization on a permanent basis - which is the key to success - don’t be afraid to ask! Whether about processes, problem solving or staff motivation, your coworkers are the best people to share their opinions about their work experiences, goals and expectations. Implement an open policy in which the staff feels okay to share their own experiences and tell you what to improve. Then don’t forget to do a proper analysis on what they have to say and start working on their suggestions. This will motivate them and ultimately will create a better organization, both for the staff and the public!

9. Share the company’s values on a daily basis

The greatest way to engage your employees is to make them keen on the organization’s values. If they truly believe the organization’s mission, they will go the extra mile to achieve. Therefore, it is very important to have purposeful goals, and to share the organization’s values through good practice on a daily basis. This will give more sense to every day’s work and it will inspire your team!

10. Organize an incentive travel with the team

If you want to engage your team, make them feel more motivated, create opportunities to strengthen team bonds and improve communication, organize an incentive travel. A trip to a lovely place with your team, developing meaningful activities, will make your coworkers feel valued and it will boost their motivation.

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