The Benefits of Incentive Travel for Employees and Companies


Incentive travel is positive for your company and employees. Discover how incentive travel can boost staff motivation, increase loyalty, develop team cohesion, and improve your company’s productivity, with the 7 benefits of incentive travel.


1. Team building and healthy competition

One of the purposes of incentive travel is to improve team effectiveness. By challenging your team for a trip together they will get to know themselves better and socialize outside of the normal working environment. This can also be a chance of developing team building activities. These activities are created to develop specific team skills, such as team cohesion, team problem solving, healthy competition, amongst others.



2. Achieving goals and improving performance

If you want your team to achieve new goals throughout the working year, an incentive travel can be an excellent way to present expectations, define strategies and develop ways to improve performance in a more relaxed atmosphere. A quick-off meeting in a new country can be very inspirational, boosting your teams’ motivation and making them more aware and more engaged in the company’s goals.

3. Increase loyalty and dedication

Your teams are the greatest asset of your organisation. Therefore, it is very important to make sure they feel happy and dedicated to your company’s goals. All employees pass moments in which they don’t feel as motivated as they used to, and an incentive travel is an excellent way to make them feel more motivated again, but also to guarantee their loyalty with the organisation and the other teams.


4. Develop bonds and improve team’s relationships

An incentive travel aims to proportionate experiences that your team won’t forget. By creating the opportunities to live shared memories, your team will create stronger bonds with each other, becoming more connected. This is very important for the success of your company, because the better communication is amongst the team, the better will be their work!

5. Boost creativity

Creativity is the core of any project’s success. It is important when problems occur, it is important when it is necessary to develop new products or ideas, it is important to innovate and have better acceptability in the market… When we travel to different destinations, this takes us out of our comfort zone, being in contact with different traditions, being open to learn new cultures – all of this boosts creativity, because it gives us inspiration, it changes our mindset and it shows us new directions to go.

6. Motivating your staff

If you want your staff to be excellent in what they do, to go the extra-mile for the organisation and to be brilliant workers, you need to think about their motivation. This involves thinking about their aspirations, their individual goals, their relationship with their teams and their path in the organisation. When you identify all these aspects for each one of your employees, it is time to think about ways of motivating them. Going on an incentive travel is an excellent way of making your staff feel valued and a great opportunity of getting closer to them, getting to know themselves better and helping to boost their motivation.

7. Reinforce organisational culture

Organisational culture is what binds all the groups of people that are connected to the organisation. From staff, chiefs of departments, leaders, everyone should be aligned with the organisation’s values, mission and vision – all part of the organisational culture. An incentive travel is an excellent way of reigniting the spark of your organisation’s culture. Develop an event with this in mind and inspire your staff!

If you are inspired to do an incentive travel, and would like to do one in Portugal (the easy access, good weather, lovely landscape and gastronomy are a plus!), know that it is possible to have a specialist managing the event and making sure everything goes as planned – and the best is that everything is personalized, and developed according to your goals and expectations! Feel free to contact Incentives Portugal and we will give you a free quote.