The Best Team Building Activities in Porto


Perfect balance between tradition and modernity, Porto has so much to offer. The river, the wine, the beautiful green landscape of Douro region, the delicious gastronomy and a cultural heritage to be discovered… Porto is the perfect spot for a memorable incentive trip filled with meaningful team building activities. Outdoor activities to boost your team’s adrenaline and increase trust, exclusive experiences like a private cruise, or a guided tour through the vines and wine tastings are just some of the amazing experiences you will be able to engage in Porto. Are you ready to discover its diversity?


Discover Porto History and Monuments

World Heritage Tours

Before any other activity, it is time to get to know Porto city and its history. Discover the city with your team in a fun, interactive way by segway or bike. You and your team will be mesmerized by the grandiosity and beauty of the heritage in the city. This activity will develop communication, trust and empathy amongst your team, making it an excellent team building activity!

Discover the beautiful wine-region and taste the Douro Wine

Guided tour in Douro Vines and Wine tasting

For an amazing experience, head to the Douro region, where the wineries are located. Here, you will have the exclusive opportunity of enjoying a guided tour to the vineyards, discovering more about wine blends, all the process of winemaking (which in this region remains very traditional), and get to taste some of the wines. This is an excellent team building activity that will enhance bonds amongst team members, develop better communication and create shared memories that are important to reinforce your organisation’s culture.

Boost adrenaline in the National Park


Rapel, canyoning and slide in Peneda-Gerês National Park

If you want to boost the adrenaline of your team, discover the pristine Peneda-Gerês National Park, that hides mountains and waterfalls, lagoons and water springs… A paradise of greenery and natural landscape. Here is the perfect place to develop outdoor activities such as rapel, canyoning, slide, amongst others. Engage with your team in these adrenaline-rush activities that will develop trust, communication, teamwork and problem solving. Enjoy a fun activity while enjoying some of the most beautiful views of the natural park.

Exclusive moment with stunning views of Douro riverbanks

Private Douro Cruise

For an exclusive and memorable moment, go with the team for a Private Cruise in Douro River, and discover the city from another perspective. Doing a cruise in the Douro region, you and your team will have a great time aboard, while getting to see beautiful landscapes during this activity. Develop team cohesion and communication, reward them for their good work and reinforce the organisational culture by doing this exclusive experience.

Cultural moment in a unique place

Concert at Porto Music Hall

Designed by the world-renowed Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, Casa da Música is a concert hall known by its architecture and by receiving high quality music performers. Go with your team for a cultural moment and watch a music concert in Porto Music House. You and your team will have a great time together.

If you feel inspired with all the options Porto has to offer, and would like to engage in some of these activities, contact Incentives Portugal. We have great experience on developing customized incentives for companies around the world. Ask us for a free quote..