10 Powerful Reasons to Invest in Team Building This Year


Team building can be a very powerful tool. Shift your focus and discover 10 reasons why you should invest in an incentive program that will embrace your team’s needs, increase their motivation and enhance their performance, producing great results for your company.

1. To enhance Team Spirit

Team spirit is a very important part of any successful organisation. This is something that can be developed through ice-breaking and team building activities that will promote a common ground in which teams can develop feelings of camaraderie that will be highly beneficial for their productivity in the workplace.

2. To address specific team issues

Teams that work together daily are likely to develop issues or difficulties that should be addressed and overcome. An incentive travel program is an excellent way to promote discussion and reflection on how teams can work better together by exploring the tools to do so in tailored team building activities.

3. To reinforce company values

A fundamental aspect of staff loyalty to a company is their connection to the organisations’ values. They should be present in everything that the staff do, and an incentive travel program is an excellent way to reiterate those values and keep them present in your teams’ heads and hearts. Make sure to plan a team building activity with a theme that relates to your organisational culture, as this can be incredibly important to keep your staff focussed and committed all year round.

4. To boost interaction

For your team to work effectively together, it is imperative that they trust each other. A team building activity involving travelling is a great way to develop this aspect. The fact that the teams get the chance to interact and get to know each other better, outside of their usual working environment, is an important part of trust development, which is directly linked to cooperative teamwork and problem-solving.

5. To increase motivation

Motivation is the fuel of productivity. A motivated team is more likely to go the extra mile. So, when you invest in an incentive trip, you are showing your team how important they are, which will increase their motivation and inspire them to always work to the best of their ability.

6. To improve team communication

Communication is another key element of every organisation. The ability to communicate effectively and to pass on messages quickly and directly is a very important tool for achieving good results in a business. Team building activities are a great way of developing this skill in a fun and relaxed way.

7. To stimulate creative thinking

Creativity is the seed that makes innovation possible, and this is an important asset for every organisation. By developing a team building activity outside of a regular working environment, you will be broadening your teams’ horizons whilst also creating a culture in which innovation and creativity can prosper, especially effective through giving your team the opportunity to travel together.

8. To develop confidence and autonomy

By giving your team the opportunity to take part in an incentive program, you are putting your them at the centre of the organisation and making them feel like a valuable asset. This is very important for each members’ sense of confidence and autonomy, which will increase the happiness of your staff at work.

9. To praise a team for their efforts

By developing a team building program, the organisation is recognising the need to invest in the teams’ needs, a great way to make the team feel valued and appreciated for their hard work. When a team feels valued, they tend to work harder and are more productive. An incentive trip is a great way to praise your team and make them feel like an important part of your organisation.

10. To invest in your team’s professional development

By developing a team building program with the objective of creating a basis for effective teamwork, you are ultimately investing in your teams’ professional development, which can improve certain aspects of team behaviour, leading to better results for your company.

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