Behind-The-Scenes in Algarve: 5 Keys to Transform Your Business Trip into a Dream Travel


Beautifully located in the south of Portugal, the Algarve is the perfect destination for leisure and relaxing, but also for promoting your business trip. The region hosts incredible venues, perfect for the most demanding corporate event. The seaside landscape is astonishing, delicious gastronomy and all of this just a short distance from any European city. Discover 5 key tips for a successful event in Algarve.

1. The Algarve: a destination with all the amenities you need

A successful corporate event is all about experience. When planning a business trip, or an incentive travel program, you should always think about the comfort of your team. The Algarve has everything you could need, with great venues, world-class hotels and experienced professionals to ensure that your corporate event runs smoothly and will be memorable for all.

2. Great experiences to keep your team inspired

When planning an event, it is important to think about activities that will inspire your guests and make them “live” the destination in a positive way. The Algarve offers a range of different activities that will inspire your guests and can be adapted to all kinds of people. Firstly, for its great weather, the Algarve has amazing weather that allows your guests to enjoy a range of outdoor activities. Also, the Algarve is a seaside region that offers a lot of sea-related activities, from boat trips to water sports. Finally, it has lots of world-renowned golf courses, an activity that can be enjoyed by your guests too.


3. Inspiring Venues

Whether you’re planning a meeting, a conference or an incentive trip, it is very important to think about the right venue and chose one that fits the purpose of your event. In the Algarve you have plenty of choice, with unique, inspiring and high-quality venues, from the most traditional historical buildings, to contemporary high-tech luxury places.

4. A place full of tradition

In a highly tech-orientated world, people are looking more and more for authentic historical and traditional experiences and the Algarve has it all!
A region of fishermen and navigators, field workers and traditional villagers, there is a more authentic side to the Algarve that is worth discovering!

Explore the Natural park where it is possible to see beautiful landscapes, unique birds and lots of other species. Don´t forget to stop by Silves, with its medieval castle and surrounding little villages and if you want to proportionate your guests with the full experience, do not forget to taste some of the most traditional gastronomy dishes… seafood, oranges and the pastries are some of the things that you simply can´t miss!

5. An exclusive and Luxury retreat

If you really want your corporate event to be cherished and remembered for years to come, end your event with an exclusive memorable surprise. The Algarve has many luxury experiences that you can present your guests with, from a private cruise in the sea, to a spa day in an Algarve luxury hotel… your imagination is the limit.
The most important thing is that your guests feel special and that they are experiencing something exclusive and unique…

If you feel inspired by these suggestions, contact our team and ask for a free quote and they will plan everything for you and make sure everything for your corporate event is perfect!