Just Go Out: 5 Team Building Activities in Portugal for Warm Days


It´s time to motivate your team, develop their skills and set the goals for the second half of the year.
If you want to boost the results of your organisation, invest in an incentive travel to Portugal. Easily accessible by plane, here you can enjoy great weather, a range of team building activities, amazing landscapes and delicious gastronomy.

1. Unique outdoor activities in Lisbon and Sintra

Discover the beautiful city of Lisbon, the perfect combination of history, tradition and modernity, and take your team on a private cruise on the river Tagus. This is a great activity for building trust amongst the group and for promoting informal conversation!
If you want to top-up your experience with an interactive activity, head to Sintra, a naturally stunning historical village near Lisbon, and go for a treasure Hunt in Quinta da Regaleira - a mysterious and beautiful place.


2. Discover the beautiful landscape of Peneda Geres Natural Park

Take your team on a nature retreat by heading to the north of Portugal. Here, you will find the Peneda Geres Natural Park, an incredible place with mountains, fields and waterfalls. This region is perfect for a hiking experience, in which you and your team will get the opportunity to see the flora and fauna of the park, whilst also promoting cooperation, communication and trust amongst your team. If you feel more adventurous, get in a jeep and embark on a private safari experience, where you will get to see all of the park´s unique places and species.

3. The Portuguese seaside

Portugal has a beautiful coastline that is well-known for its traditions, incredible beaches and water sports. Surfing, paddle-boarding, snorkelling and sailing are just some of the aquatic sports that you and your team can enjoy in Portugal. If you are feeling adventurous and would like to try something new, you should do a Surf team building experience which will encourage team cooperation and communication.

4. Outdoor team building activities in the Algarve

If you want to make the most of the warm weather, the Algarve is the place to go! With sunshine all year round, there are lots of outdoor team building activities that you and your team can enjoy. From water sports, to golf, the Algarve offers plenty of amazing team building activities that will develop your staff teamwork.

5. Enjoy unique activities in the city of Porto and the Douro Valley

With magical scenery, interesting history and great gastronomy, Porto and the Douro Valley are definitely the places to visit. Explore the city of Porto by doing a Peddy Paper through the historical centre and the riverbanks of Porto. If you have an interest in Port Wine, the Douro Valley is your destination. Here, you can take your team for a wine tasting set against the beautiful valley backdrop, accompanied by traditional Portuguese gastronomy.

If you feel inspired to do your next incentive travel in Portugal, contact our team of experienced event planners that develop bespoke team building programs for corporate groups from around the world in Portugal.