8 Powerful Reasons to Choose Portugal for Your Corporate Event


Whether you are planning an annual meeting, an incentive program or a big corporate event, Portugal is the ideal destination. Currently Portugal is at the top of the destination list to be considered, either to visit or to live. Discover 8 of the reasons why Portugal has everything you need to make your corporate event a success.


Conveniently located in the east side of Europe, and with 3 main airports throughout the country, Portugal is easily accessible from any part in the world, with direct air routes from the main cities in the world.

The Weather

In Europe, Portugal is the country with more sunny days per year. This is a reason why Portugal is great for developing outdoor events or programs in which is possible to explore the landscape, and enjoy the warm weather that is quite common year round. Moreover, the sun allows a beautiful light that will colour the landscape in a unique way, which makes any event very special!


Tradition vs Modernity

Portuguese people are very proud of its history and culture. Therefore, it is very common to see ancestral traditions come to life in the form of singing, architecture, gastronomy or art. But what makes Portugal such a unique country is the charming way in which tradition is combined with modern, trendy and vibrant details. If you are looking for a meaningful and very diversified experience for your event, you will be baffled by the way in which Portuguese cities mix its antique traditional essence with the hip and very contemporary background.


Portugal is a country well known for its gastronomy. From the traditional ways in which food is prepared to the freshness of its ingredients, Portugal is a great destination to try new flavours.

Thanks to its traditional organic agriculture, many foods are of the utmost quality and have denominated protected origin, such as the olive oil, the wine, and certain types of fruit and vegetable. For its closeness to the sea, the seafood and fish is also very fresh and delicious, but there is also a wide offer in terms of grass-fed meat from north to south. If you have a sweet tooth, pastry and sweets are also delicious and you have to try the well-known custard tart or “pastel de nata”.


Portugal has the right infrastructure for any kind of event, having specialized professionals in many different areas to support you. From sportive events, corporate meetings, conferences or business programs, Portugal has world renowned hotels and venues that can host any type of event and match interesting activities to the program as well. Despite being a small country in size, Portugal has great diversity and a choice for any type of public.

Natural Beauty and Heritage

From seaside to forest, planes to mountains, islands and amazing parks to discover, Portugal has a diverse and beautiful landscape that will create the perfect setting for any type of event. Also, with more than 15 UNESCO heritage sites, there are castles, monasteries, palaces and churches with beautiful architecture and great historical value.

World Class Entertainment

Portugal offers many activities that can be enjoyed by anyone, and the right conditions to do so. From its world-renowned golf courts, award winning spas, famous beaches to water sports, amazing infrastructures to sail, amongst others; there are many activities to be enjoyed in Portugal that can add an original charm to your event.

Very Good Value for Money

Besides all the good aspects that make Portugal a great destination for any corporate event, the country also offers very competitive prices when compared to other destinations throughout Europe. In Portugal, you can have the full experience for a great value.

If any of these reasons ignited the curiosity of how a corporate event in Portugal would look like for your organisation, feel free to contact Incentives Portugal and their team of experienced staff will be happy to guide you through the process.