A Delicious New Trend in Travel Programs


Gastronomic tourism is one of the trends that have been increasing recently. This kind of tourism refers to trips made to destinations where the local food and beverage attractions are the main motivating factors for travel, and it is a great way of experiencing a different culture. Why not an incentive travel program based on gastronomic team building activities? Find some of our suggestions for your next incentive trip in Portugal!

Food is a great part of our culture and sharing a meal together can be an effective way of developing bonds. In fact, experiencing different traditional foods can be a great way of getting to know a country and also an opportunity to engage in team experiences with your staff. Portugal is well known for its diverse, and delicious gastronomy and could be your next incentive destination for amazing gastronomic experiences! Find below some of our suggestions:

A walking Gastronomic Tour in Porto

Porto is well known for its hospitality, the beauty of the city and its well acclaimed gastronomy. From cheese, to wine, there is a variety of typical delicacies you and your team can enjoy while walking through the historic neighbourhoods of Porto and discovering some of the best curiosities of the city. Finally, Porto is the main stop for any wine lovers around. Finish your trip by visiting some of the cellars and challenge your team to create their own wine blend. A programme that will make your team even more close and motivated!

Gourmet Food Masterclass in Lisbon

If you want to motivate your team, take them to  Lisboa . They will be astonished by the beauty of the city, excited about all there is to discover, and in love with the food. If you want to go for a team building activity that is fun, good for all ages and that everyone can engage, a cooking masterclass can be a great option. Invite your team to discover some of the best flavours of the city and then challenge them to create their own. By preparing a meal together, they will be developing team coordination, time management and team communication. And above all, it will be fun… and delicious!

Discover Azores, its fresh produce and artisanal food making

By the Atlantic Ocean there is Açores, an archipelago with astonishing islands and amazing traditions. If you want to provide your team with an authentic experience and you want them to get to know local traditions, engage with local people and explore these beautiful islands, you can go on an adventure, in which you will be able to discover some of the greatest fresh produces and the methods of artisanal food making. Visit one of the only tea plantations in Europe, discover the delicious pineapples that take 2 years to grow in São Miguel and go to try a Furnas Cozido – a pot dish that is boiled under the ground thanks to the volcano geysers.

Discover the Fresh Seafood of Algarve

If you want to enjoy some relaxation time by the seaside but also go for authentic experiences with your team, then a gastronomic programme in Algarve is a fabulous opportunity to try some of the fresh produce of the region, such as the seafood, while getting to know some of the best gastronomic traditions of Algarve. Walking around the city you will be discovering some of the most emblematic dishes of the region, but also getting to know a lot about history and the more genuine side of Algarve.

If some of these activities inspired you, book your next incentive trip in Portugal, and our team will develop a great travel programme that suits your needs!