Build a Strong Team with an Incredible Golf Event

Strong organizations are the result of strong teams. One great day to build teams is through an original golf experience event. Portugal is considered one the best World’s Golf Destination in the world, by magazines devoted to the sport and with the recognition of the World Golf Awards. With an ideal climate, sunny green fields, beautiful landscape and award-winning golf camps, this are some of the reasons why you should consider Portugal as your next golf destination. A wide choice for golfers of all levels!

Golf is an excellent team building activity and a great way to. By inviting them to work as a team outside the regular office environment, you will strengthen their bonds, and improve their motivation. Thanks to its easy access in Europe, through the main air routes, great weather year-round and offering great quality for money, Portugal could be the ideal destination for your next incentive trip.

Discover some of the best golf locations in the country and the reasons why golf is a meaningful team building activity.

Silver Coast Golf

The Silver Coast is a region of coastal uniqueness and majestic sea land, surrounded by beautiful dunes and picturesque villages, very authentic and filled with culture and history for you and your team to enjoy. It is in this setting that you will find some of the best golf courts in the country. Offering stunning views over the Atlantic Ocean you will be playing in amazing fields designed by famous golf camps’ architects such as Donald Steel or Cynthia Dye-McGarey.


Lisbon Golf

If you want to stay in the vibrant capital of Lisbon, and enjoy some of the history and the trendy atmosphere of the city; there are also some very good golf camps just around Lisbon. Near Cascais, a very pleasant seaside village, you will find well acclaimed fields, where the surroundings don’t disappoint and in which international competitions take place. Take the opportunity to enjoy the regions of Cascais and Sintra, and indulge in its natural beauty and incredible heritage.


Algarve Coast Golf

With more than 30 golf courts in the Algarve alone, this is certainly considered by many golf fans as the European Golf Coast. With lively marinas, a vibrant nightlife and beautiful sandy beaches, Algarve combines a great touristic destination with an amazing infrastructure if you want to enjoy this sport. Take the chance to get to know the region better and invite your team for a relaxing day at the beach, after all the team fun in the golf court.

Golf as a Team Building Activity

Golf is an excellent team building activity as it is a low impact sport, in which all the team members can get involved and enjoy together. Also, besides all the physical benefits, it also has many psychological benefits, such as concentration, brain stimulation and reduction of stress levels. This, consequently, increases staff motivation which improves your organisational culture. By inciting your team to cooperate in a team sport you will be stimulating them to find new ways of working as a team. This will result in more effective teams, which is beneficial for your business.

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