Learn How your Company can Give back and make a Difference


Doing corporate volunteer programs with your team can increase motivation, sense of community while contributing for your company’s social responsibility. Find some of our suggestions for memorable incentives travel programs and team building activities that will make a difference.

If you are looking for creating a more motivated and united team, integrating your incentive travel program in a voluntary program is a great idea to make it even more purposeful, enhancing the company’s values. There are many activities that can be quite fun and enjoyed by all the workers, while making a difference for someone in need.

Native tree planting in protected green area

Tree planting is a great way of getting your team together for a greater purpose, because if planting in a protected area this can be extremely helpful for the environment and the communities. The planting of native plants promotes natural habitats, prevents disasters such as fires and increases the good vegetation of an area. In addition, it promotes great moments of team interaction while giving the opportunity of visiting beautiful green spaces.

Volunteering at a food bank

Helping out at a food bank in food preparation, food distribution or collecting donated goods is an excellent way of volunteering, giving the opportunity for the team to improve team skills by interacting with each other and other volunteers. Also, and especially if you are distributing food to people in need this can be very rewarding.

Cleaning forests and beaches

If you want to visit a beautiful space, while helping out making it cleaner, litter picking is an excellent way to promote great team moments, developing community skills and reiterating your organisations values, while helping out. If you want to make it even funnier you can give divide your staff in two teams and have a prize for the one that picks more litter.

Restoring a community building

Gathering your team and organizing an activity to work in the restoration of a community building can be extremely helpful for some of these communities in need. This is a great chance of getting involved in a very rewarding and purposeful activity. Also, this can be quite fun and something different for your staff to do.

Any of these activities can be very important because they reinforce the importance of making team building meaningful and aligned with the companies’ values. Also, by promoting an organisational culture of availability to help people in need you will be increasing social conscience amongst your team, promoting a culture of solidarity, unity and cohesion in your organisation.

If any of these suggestions inspired you for your next incentive travel, contact the experienced team at Incentives Portugal and they will plan an activity that will suit your group needs.