Madeira Island as a Corporate Travel Destination: Leisure and Work


Madeira is the ideal combination for leisure and work in your next corporate event. Glorious weather, beautiful landscape, the sea breeze and diverse team activities are just some of the reasons why Madeira should be your next incentive destination.

Madeira – the best European island destination

It is not by chance that Madeira won the World Travel Award as Europe’s Leading Island Destination for the 6th consecutive time! In this green paradise in the Atlantic Ocean, you and your team can enjoy a well-deserved relaxation, engage in exciting activities and indulge in amazing landscapes.

Discover our suggestions for a memorable corporate event in Madeira.

Explore pristine nature spots on a trekking team day in the unique levadas

One of the greatest parts of Madeira is its beautiful landscape and nature. If you want to discover pristine spots with amazing views, invite your team to a trekking day exploring the “levadas”. Levadas are irrigation canals that were built in the past to bring water from the rain to every part of the island. Despite their original function, these days, they are like trekking parts and an excellent opportunity of getting to know the hidden gems of the island. Trekking is a great sport, that involves all the team and this natural atmosphere will inspire them! Go for a walk with your team and explore the best hidden treasures of Madeira.

Discover the traditional Madeira villages and the Botanical Gardens

If you and your team would like to discover a bit more about the traditions in the island, you should head to Santana – a village where is possible to see the traditional Madeira houses, get to know some of the traditions, and visit a centre where these traditions are presented in a fun, interactive way. For a bit of relaxation during the rest of the day, head to the capital of Madeira – Funchal – and discover one of the most beautiful gardens in Madeira – the Botanical Gardens, where a diversity of flora species grow.

Boost the adrenaline with a private jeep tour through madeira mountains!

If you are looking for an adventurous experience, you should challenge your team for a unique day out in a private jeep tour in Madeira island. Discover the highest peaks in the mountains, the fauna and flora of the island, some of its most beautiful landscapes and viewpoints.

Indulge in the delicacies on a gastronomic tour

Madeira wine, the traditional cakes, tropical fruits and the fresh seafood are just some of the delicacies you will be able to taste during your visit to Madeira. If you want your team to have an appetizing journey, go for a gastronomic tour and discover the best dishes of Madeira!

Relax in one of the many luxurious Madeira spa’s

Surrounded by incredible views, spas in Madeira are something not to miss. If you want to give your team a moment of relaxation, book a spa day and you won’t regret it! You will get a true sense of the rhythms of the island, the benefits of sea treatments and all the freshness and relaxation you and your team deserve.

If you want to book a memorable corporate event, Madeira is the ideal destination to do so. Here, it is possible to combine your goals to develop your team skills, while promoting leisure moments that will enhance motivation and productivity. If you are curious about these and other activities in Madeira, contact Incentives Portugal and we will present you all the options for corporate travelling in the island.