Olive Oil Experience, a Delightful Aromatic Adventure


If you are looking for a unique way of rewarding your team by doing an incentive travel, embark on an exclusive experience of gastronomy, relaxation and team building. Discover our suggestions for a fun-packed, and original incentive program in Portugal. A delightful aromatic adventure:

Visiting an Olive Oil Producing Farm

Go for a “safari-style” farm visit. On top of 4x4 jeeps you and your team will get to know everything about olive oil producing, the process, the various blends, and the ideal time of the year to pick the olives. Also, you will get the opportunity to enjoy the surrounding area and have an olive tasting experience: a great way of getting the team together, improving their bonds and creating interesting memories together.

Olive Picking

Other great activity that involves coordination, communication and cooperation is olive picking. This is an excellent team building activity that is also part of an interesting Portuguese tradition. During the harvest time, the communities get together and help each other picking all the olives to make the olive oil for the rest of the year. A fun-packed day to enjoy the outdoors, the local people and this tradition.

Gourmet Food Tasting

After all the hard work invite your team for a gourmet experience, in which they will be able to try some of the best Portuguese gastronomy dishes, all made with extra virgin high quality regional olive oil. Sharing a nice meal together is a great opportunity of looking back to all the great efforts your team made and celebrate everyone’s’ victories, improving motivation and team sense of belonging.

Spa Massage with Natural Ingredients

To reward your team for their hard work you can also promote a moment of relaxation by offering a spa day to all your staff. Invite them to enjoy a moment of tranquillity in a massage with natural ingredients, such as olive oil – which is used for centuries for its curative properties. Time to enjoy and relax!

IIf this activity inspired you to organize your next incentive travel in Portugal, contact our team and ask them for a bespoke experience that suits your needs and their team of experienced staff will be more than happy to help!