Portugal declared Best Sustainable Tourism destination in Europe


Portugal is seen worldwide as a success case for sustainability. On 7th March in ITB Berlin Portugal won the ITB Earth Award for the Best European Sustainable Destination! Discover why Portugal is the best destination for sustainable business events!

The ITB Earth Award Prize

ITB Berlin is one of the best tourism fairs in the world and Portugal was awarded a prestigious title as the best European destination for sustainable tourism! This prize is a result of a partnership between ITB and Green destination, which is a non-profit organisation that works on developing projects of sustainable tourism.

Portugal Good Practices in Sustainability

The Green Foundation and ITB recognised that Portugal is working hard trying to work on tourism environmental impacts, thanks to the good management practices that are being developed in various Portuguese destinations.
Preserving nature, increasing environmental awareness and reducing the impact of tourism on the environment are just some of the measures that the various entities from local authorities and various agents in the tourism market are putting into practice.
This effort resulted in international recognition of destinations such as Minho, Sintra, Azores as “successful cases”.

Choose Portugal for your next Sustainable Business Travel

Corporate events can have a major impact on the environmentr, especially when they involve large audiences/groups. As sustainability is becoming more important, organisations have the duty of developing good practices that reduce impacts, help raise awareness and set the example for environmental preservation.
Therefore, choosing a sustainable destination as Portugal, can not only raise this awareness amongst your team, but also develop a more conscient organisation, with social responsibility.
Portugal has eco-friendly venues, pristine nature destination and sustainable activities that can help develop a sustainable corporate event that will make the difference!


A Tourism Operator that is concerned with Sustainability

When developing a sustainable corporate event or incentive travel, all details matter: from transportation, to suppliers, to the venue… Eco Travel is the company behind the programs “Incentives Portugal”, this company has experience in developing ecological corporate events that are sustainable in every aspect.
All details are prepared with care, having this commitment of sustainability.

If you want to do your next business trip in a sustainable way, contact the Incentives Portugal team for a unique bespoke experience, with every detail being taken care of, and the guarantee of a successful event!