6 Reasons Why Portugal Is A Top Incentive Travel Destination


Having won so many tourism awards such as Leading Europe Destination, Best Insular Destination, World’s Leading Destination and many others, it’s by no chance that Portugal is becoming recognised, around the world, as one of the destinations of the moment. With so much diversity (from North to South, seaside to countryside, capital cities to pristine and isolated natural places), so many activities to do (from golf, to wine tasting, gastronomy and heritage tours), traditions to discover and all of this paired up with sunshine year-round and amazing landscape.


1. So much diversity – a choice for everyone

One of Portugal’s best features is its diversity! Despite being quite a small country, Portugal is as diverse as it can be. With seaside, countryside, many different activities to enjoy, cities filled with heritage, and trendy spots to explore, you are certain to have a blast in your visit to Portugal, because there is really a choice for everyone.

If your team is quite diverse and you feel like it is almost impossible to please everyone, choose Portugal for your next incentive travel and you will discover interesting activities for everyone to enjoy.

2. Accessibility and safety

Portugal is easily accessible from all main European capitals by plane, with its three airports in Porto, Lisbon and Faro. Apart from this very convenient fact, Portugal has been considered as one of the safest places to visit in Europe, with a score of 83 (from 0-100) and according to the Global Peace Index, the 3rd safest country in the world! A paradise in Europe for you and your team to discover, with easy access and safety for a hassle-free experience.

3. Tradition and modernity

Portugal is widely known for its culture – a country of traditions, from gastronomy to handicrafts, music, monuments and heritage – there is a lot to discover! Being a country with a lot of cultural influences, it is very interesting to get to know the various regions and its traditions through authentic cultural activities that will bring your team together and create memories for life! Apart from all the traditions you can discover, the Portuguese have been known for reinventing traditions and this can be very inspiring for your teams. With the growing popularity of Lisbon and Porto, these cities are becoming hubs of technological and creative innovation, with a lot of trendy, vibrant and unique places to discover! Immerse yourself in the Portuguese culture and discover the duality of its traditions paired up with modernity.

4. The weather

The weather is one of the greatest parts about Portugal! There’s nothing better than getting to know a new country with pleasant temperatures and sunshine. This is also very good for incentive travelling because it allows you and your team to do team building activities outdoors – there is a range of different things to explore – from surf, to boat trips, to outdoor activities such as rafting, rappel, canyoning, amongst others.

Enjoy the Portuguese sunshine and invite your team for a few days of pleasant outdoor activities!

5. Delicious gastronomy

Portugal continues to be a great place for food and drink! Renowned for its delicious gastronomy and a diversity of natural produce, you and your team will indulge in the Portuguese typical dishes and delicacies.

From the fresh seafood that comes straight from the sea to your plate, to typical pastries and stews, all paired up with locally produced wine, Portugal is a great place for delicious eat-outs!



6. Natural Landscape

The Portuguese natural landscape is diverse and very beautiful. From pristine golden sand beaches, to mountains and forests, seaside and countryside planes, Portugal has natural heritage to explore and be discovered. Embark in an adventure and discover the incredible fauna and flora of Portugal.

If you feel curious about Portugal and would like it to be your next incentive travel destination, contact Incentives Portugal and we will develop a customized program for you and your team that suits your needs and expectations.