Stand Up Paddle – a Team Building to Connect Body and Soul


Paddle surfing develops balance, strength and flexibility, while promoting relaxation in a beautiful landscape. Besides its relatively easy for anyone to do, and the health benefits gained from Stand Up Paddle are tremendous! Being out on the water is calming and engaging with nature can have a positive effect on your mental health and attitude. It´s a great idea for a team building activity, it helps building relationships, strengthen teams, provide motivation and help to improve communication.

It is often said that body and soul are connected. By developing certain physical skills, you are contributing to achieve some of these features in other aspects of life: work included. So, by developing a team activity that enhances balance, strength and flexibility you will be creating a starting point to develop these aspects in your team, and ultimately in your organisation.

Moreover, an activity as paddle surf has great results in calming your staff after a more stressful period, and reconnecting them with nature, creating mental clarity and focus, which can be beneficial for your staff and organisation.
Get prepared to stand up in a long board and enjoy the beautiful view while you paddle together on top of the pristine waters of Douro river.

Benefits of Stand Up Paddle

Paddle surfing is a great way of rewarding your team for their effort, creating a unique team activity that will improve motivation and team cooperation, but there are other benefits in this sport. Besides it being very relaxing, this sport reduces stress levels, and improves mental clarity by immersing people in a unique landscape that induces senses of well-being. This is especially important to give your team the rest they deserve after periods of extra work and stress, but also a great way of enhancing their focus in the goals ahead.

A Shared Experience for your Team to remember

Unique experiences such as paddle surfing are a great way of creating a unique memory for your team to share amongst each other, improving team atmosphere and your organisations’ overall morale. By doing something together outside the normal working environment your team will be developing other skills that they wouldn’t necessarily come across in the daily working routine.

The Beautiful Douro region

Besides paddle surfing being an excellent activity to enhance various team skills, the Douro region is an amazing place for an incentive trip, thanks to its excellent easy access location, mild climate, beautiful landscape and a variety of other activities for you and your team to explore.

From a great wine making tradition, to fabulous food and a lot of cultural and natural heritage to discover, your team will certainly enjoy their time around Porto and Douro region.

If this activity inspired you for a unique incentive program, contact our team, and they will be more than happy to create a bespoke program that suits your expectations.