Sustainable Tourism and Aventure in the North of Portugal


If you’re planning an incentive program to boost your staff’s motivation and team cohesion, an outdoor adventure program can be a great option! Ecotourism in Portugal may have been slow in coming, but it is beginning to take hold in this beautiful land. Discover our suggestions for memorable team building activities in Porto and the North of Portugal.

Considered by many as one of the most beautiful scenic mountain spots in Portugal, the National Park of Gerês in the North of the country, is a protected area with 72 thousand hectares of a diverse landscape that include stunning places such as mountains and waterfalls all surrounded by picturesque villages with granite houses that date back to more than 100 years. Easy to access and surrounded by fabulous places to stay, this region is also well known for its hospitality and delicious gastronomy. It’s in these beautiful surroundings and convenient location that we suggest some of the greatest adventure activities for you and your team to escape routine and get inspired together.

Rafting in Minho river

Rafting is an excellent team building activity as it develops team coordination, team communication, the ability to use everyone’s strengths to overpass obstacles while giving your staff a good chance to get to know themselves better and having a great time. This activity consists in descending the Minho river in a pneumatic boat with a trained guide and discovering techniques to navigate in the river with its natural obstacles such as stones, tree branches, etc. This is also the opportunity to see inaccessible locations of unique beauty, that are practically untouched by man.


Horse-riding in Peneda-Gerês

In Gerês mountains there is a special breed of Portuguese horses called Garranos, a smalled-size type of mountain horses than can still be found in freedom in some areas of the National park. These horses are very docile and riding them to find the most beautiful places in the park can be an excellent team building experience, that is accessible to diversified groups. It is proven that horse-riding is very beneficial to reduce stress levels, improve coordination and confidence. By doing it as a group, your team will be immersed in a natural beautiful environment while developing skills that can have a positive impact on your organisation.


Interpretative Walks

The natural park of Gerês has a lot of interesting places that are worth a visit for its incredible landscape, its fauna and flora. Hiking can be an excellent team building activity, as it challenges your staff to work as a team, be persistent, and keep motivating each other- just like in a real work situation. By doing an interpretative walk, your team will also have the opportunity to learn more about the park and all the species that live in it. In the end, all the effort will be worth it, thanks to beautiful places you will be able to see and enjoy.

Tree Climbing

Tree climbing is the activity of walking on the crowns of the trees and surpassing obstacles such as rope bridges, slides, climbing ropes and branches. Amongst physical benefits such as coordination, endurance and balance; tree climbing also has psychological benefits as it promotes focus, confidence, trust and tranquillity. As a team building activity it can be a great way to increase cooperation and motivation amongst your staff as it promotes shared moments in which the team faces obstacles together. Gerês park is a great place to do this activity, as it is prepared to receive groups and is the opportunity to have a nice panoramic view of the park.

Rock Climbing

Thanks to its geology, the Gerês National park is very well known for its excellent rock-climbing spots. This activity is an exceptional way to increase your teams’ trust, develop team cohesion, confidence and persistence. By challenging your team to test their own limits, face obstacles and rely on each other you will be promoting important moments of team building and increasing trust in your organisation.

If any of these activities inspired you for a sustainable and adventurous incentive program, contact our team and we  will be happy to present a tailored program that suits your group needs.