Blue is the New Green: The Advantages of an Incentive Travel in the Azores Islands


With whale watching, diving, hiking and a host of other adventure sports on offer, the Azores are a great destination for adrenaline lovers. If you want to take your team on a unique trip, then your next destination should be the beautiful Azores Islands.

1. In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean….but close to the world

Azores is an easily accessible destination. Located in the Atlantic Ocean, it is easy to get to by plane from both Europe and America, and there are more and more air routes to these beautiful islands. Once in the Azores, it is very practical to get around the island, with easy and well sign-posted roads if travelling by car.
As there is a large demand for tourism in the Azores, there are many hotels and built-in infrastructure for events and activities, whilst also managing to remain traditional and pristine.
In the Azores you can enjoy all the charm of being on a unique island, the nature that surrounds you, all the commodities and it´s easy accessibility!


2. A Sustainable Destination

The Azores were recognised as the “Best Sustainable Destination “by ITB awards in 2019 and are considered by the National Geographic as the second most sustainable islands in the world. The Azores are working hard to make sure that the sea-life, pristine beaches and environmental heritage of the region are well maintained and preserved. Plan an eco-friendly team building activity and get involved in preserving the Azores islands!


3. Inspire your team with a Nature escape

If you want to reward your team for their hard work, a Nature retreat is an excellent way of doing so. Inspire your team by inviting them for a spa retreat in the Azores, where you can make the most of the great weather and the volcanic thermal natural pools. You and your team will have the opportunity to get together and communicate in a more informal way, developing team bonds and motivation.

3. Outdoor activities

Thanks to its proximity to the sea, the Azores is the place for a variety of unique outdoor activities that you and your team can enjoy.
Surfing, scuba diving, whale watching, walking in the mountains or going on a private cruise are just some of the options for incredible team building activities in the Azores.

If you feel inspired to explore the Azores islands, contact our team for a free quote on a totally customised experience that suits your company needs and meets your expectations.