Think, Rhythm, Action: The Best Team Building Activities in Lisbon


Finding a balance between tradition and modernity, Lisbon is an inspiring city for any corporate business travel. With the beautiful Tagus river, the seven hills and the colourful historical neighbourhoods, it has an amazing history and lots of trendy new spots to visit. Lisbon has a special charm that seems to be enchanting many people from all over the world! Also, the good weather, the delicious gastronomy and the culture are other reasons why Lisbon is currently so popular!
With great plane accessibility thanks to the increasing flights, Lisbon is a short distance from the main cities in Europe, even from new destinations like Israel, Brazil and China! If you want to inspire your team with a unique incentive travel program, discover the city of Lisbon, engage in inspiring team building activities and find some of the best activities in Lisbon:

1. Lisbon photo challenge

In this activity you and your team will embark on a unique adventure! This is a photo scavenger hunt with clues, objects to find and fun tasks along the way. Challenge your team to discover the city while learning about the history, tasting traditional foods and taking interesting group pictures in front of the city´s many monuments.
This activity will help develop closer team relationships, improve communication and cooperation and also create fun and happy moments that will help build a stronger organisational culture for your company!

2. Jeep Safari Sintra-Cascais

Lisbon´s surroundings are just as astonishing as the city. If you want your team to engage more with nature, discover the Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais, which is only 30-minutes from Lisbon. This protected area is filled with amazing landscapes that include mountains, flatlands and seaside cliffs. Take your team on a memorable adventure by doing a jeep-safari private tour through the park, discovering its flora and fauna. This activity will increase confidence, trust and improve communication amongst your team.

3. Urban Games

Lisbon offers a diverse number of games that can be played to boost motivation, team cooperation, communication and quick problem solving. From treasure hunts, scavenger hunts to escape games, there is a lot to choose from. Discover the city while engaging in fun moments with your team and challenge them to this activity where you and your team will find out a lot of interesting facts about Lisbon’s history!

If you feel inspired by Lisbon and its charms or if you want to discover this beautiful city and embrace it with your team… plan a unique incentive travel, hassle-free and with every detail being taken care of by experts! Contact our team and they will take care of it all for you. Ask them for a free quote and start your Lisbon adventure!