Choose the Best Suppliers for an Amazing Corporate Event


Organizing a corporate event can be exhausting. There are a lot of details to think about: from booking flights, transportation, meals and activities, venues and accommodations. But to make sure everything goes as planned, it is important to have the best suppliers. Discover how to pick the right ones.

1. Understand what you want and communicate it clearly

When you know what you exactly want, communicate it clearly with your suppliers. Whether it’s a venue, a team building company or an event planner that will book everything for you. It is important that you present to these providers what your goals and expectations are.

2. Look for a supplier that understands your ideas

Sometimes it is also fundamental that you and your supplier are in the same page. Only that way, will they be able to understand your ideas and to commit to make them happen exactly the way you want it.

3. Look for references from other companies

When you don’t know much about a supplier and you’re contracting them for the first time, do not forget to do some research. Look for references from other companies. They will give you an idea if that specific supplier is the right one or not.

4. Organize a meeting and analyze proposals

After you communicate what you want and they prepare a proposal for you, it is important that you discuss it and make sure to understand it. Analyze it clearly and make sure it is professional and portrays reality. Afterwards, it is time to see if the proposal is feasible for your company and make a decision.

5. Look for a well structured execution plan

For any event, planning is everything. If the supplier presents you a well structured, organized and feasible execution plan, there is a good chance everything is going to work well.

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