Pick the Best Weather for Your Business Trip in Portugal


Take your team out to enjoy the sunshine and let them rejoice in the beautiful Portuguese landscape. From mountain adventures, seaside activities to a relaxation program in the countryside, there are many ways to enjoy the glorious Portuguese sun!

Portugal has a great year-round climate for you and your team to enjoy a memorable business trip. From the mountains to the seaside, there are amazing venues that make the most of the beautiful Portuguese light. Embark on a journey of the senses in which you and your team can enjoy the outdoors at any time of year. Whether you like adventurous activities, a luxurious experience by the sea or a week of relaxation in the countryside, Portugal offers the best options for a beautiful, and unforgettable incentive travel.


Adventure in the mountains

If you have a fierce and energetic team, head up to the North of Portugal to enjoy the Geres national park. Here, as well as enjoying the amazing scenery of mountains and waterfalls, you and your team can engage in a range of mountain-themed team building activities such as canyoning, hiking, rafting, horse riding or jeep safari!
Thanks to the great Mediterranean weather in Portugal you will be able to make the most of this outdoor adventure.

Sun by the seaside

Head south for a luxurious seaside experience. In the Algarve, there’s a lot you can do for a luxurious and memorable incentive trip. Enjoy the sunshine and go for a walk by the sea, take a boat trip, or spend a day out on one of the Algarve´s world-renowned golf courses. These are just some of the options for amazing team building activities that you will able to do in the south of Portugal. All of this is paired with world-class luxury hotels that will make the experience super exclusive!

Relaxation in the countryside

If what your team needs is time to rest and relax, the Alentejo flatland is the way to go. This countryside region is well-known for its peacefulness and its beautiful landscapes, with golden fields filled with cork-oaks and olive trees. Also, well-known for its gastronomy, the Alentejo is a place full of traditions that you and your team will want to explore.

The beautiful weather in Portugal allows you not only to choose from a variety of activities that will please your team and fit their needs, but also to travel year-round, giving you the possibility of avoiding the most crowded seasons and to travel at a time that works best for you. This allows you to have a more peaceful experience for the best value for money.

If you feel inspired to discover the sun-kissed Portuguese landscape, contact Incentives Portugal, and they will prepare a bespoke program that fits both the needs and the expectations of your organization.