Awaken Your Senses: Team Building Activities to Taste the Port Wine


Porto is the best city for a unique and aromatic team building experience. If you want a flavourful and traditional experience in a beautiful setting, discover 5 activities in the North of Portugal, with the famous Port Wine as the main ingredient.

Wine Blending: mixing different textures and flavours…

This is a great way of getting to know more about Portuguese wine and learn about the wine making process, while being involved in creating your own wine blend. You and your team will be given the tools to experiment, taste and create different blends of wine, until you find your favourite. This is an excellent opportunity for having all the team working together and creating something unique, which is a memorable activity that will have a positive impact on the organisational culture.


Blind Wine Proof: Can you trust your senses?

If you want your team to discover more about the traditional winemaking techniques this is an excellent activity. After a pleasant travel to a winery, in which you and your team will enjoy the beautiful vineyard landscape, there will be a fantastic walk in which all team will learn more about the wine making process, will visit the wines and will discover the variety of existent blends. To make this activity even more memorable, the team will be challenged to participate in a fun and interesting game, in which each member will taste the wine blindfolded, having to guess the wine and its producing method. This is a team building activity that stimulates creativity, concentration and rapid decision making, while being a very pleasant day-out for your team to enjoy together in the beautiful Douro Valley scenery.

Wine Casino: bet, win and drink!

Wine casino is a unique activity that combines the world of casinos with the aromatic and tasteful Douro wines. In this team building activity you and your team will be challenged to try different wines and guess and gamble about the wines: blends, year, colour, aroma and more. This activity will be accompanied by local “wine experts” that will make the experience even more animated! An activity that promotes healthy competition, negotiation and reinforcement of the organisational identity.

Wine Harvesting: be part of the purest tradition in Portugal!

The harvesting period in the Douro Valley is a very special time of the year. The first signs of the magical autumn light start to embrace the beautiful wineries, where the wine is produced and is a festive period for the locals, as it is the time to harvest the sweet aromatic grapes that have been nurtured all year. It’s a pure tradition, right in the middle of the rural Portugal. If your team wants to have an authentic adventure and wants to be part of this amazing local experience, then a wine harvesting activity will be a memorable way for getting your team together, helping to harvest and produce the wine. As the winemaking process continues traditional, you will have the opportunity to tread the grapes and stomp them with your bare feet, while singing traditional songs and being involved in all those aromas and hard work. Quite a memorable thing to do! This is a team building activity that will enhance team cooperation, camaraderie, communication and it will reinforce the organisational culture.

Cooking Experience: combining wines and a delicious Cuisine…

Did you know that Port Wine is also very good to cook amazing dishes? A cooking experience will be an incredible activity if you want to try the delicious Port Wine and if you want to discover more about the flavours of the best Portuguese Gastronomy, accompanied by a local Chef that will show you some traditional food, its techniques, aromas and tastes. All the team will be guided by this expert, working together to prepare a meal that they will be shared at the end of this activity. A relaxed and fun team building experience that enhances team cooperation, communication, resource management and strengthens bonds amongst the team.

In short, Porto and the Northern Portugal have beautiful landscape, amazing flavours, welcoming locals and charming places to visit, combined with easy access and great infrastructure with a variety of authentic activities that you and your team can enjoy for a memorable Incentive Travel Program. Guide your team through the world of the delicious Port Wine and discover more experiences that your team can embrace in this genuine region of Portugal!