Team Building in Portugal: Top 7 Activities in Algarve


If you are planning a team building activity, inspire yourself and discover the best team activities in the south of Portugal. From sports, sea activities and relaxing experiences, there is a choice for every team.


1. An experience for everyone: Golf Experience in the best Algarve Courses

The south of Portugal has some of the best places to enjoy a golf team experience. With golf courses designed by world-renowned architects, and with award-winning golf resorts, you and your team will play at the top-class golf fields, such as Monte Rei Golf Club, and enjoy the incredible landscape of the Algarve seaside. Allied with the pleasant weather and the views, golf is a great team building activity, as it trains the healthy competition, cooperation and team’s communication. Another great advantage of golf playing is it is an activity that anyone can learn and play. Enjoy a golf class and match with your team and take the most out of the fantastic Algarve golf courses and landscape.

2. Catch the waves with your team in the best Surf experience of Algarve

If you have an adventurous team, why not go for a surf experience in the blue waves of the Atlantic Ocean? Challenge your team for a different day out and let them enjoy the fantastic Algarve beaches while they learn a new sport - and try to catch some waves. You will be creating amazing shared memories amongst the team, which will reinforce the organizational culture, improve team motivation and enhance cooperation!

3. Explore the caves and secret spots with a kayak experience

Apart from amazing countryside and seaside landscape, the Algarve has amazing hidden caves and beaches that you and your team will be able to explore while embarking on a kayak adventure. Discover some of the most interesting caves, hidden beaches and secret spots while enjoying the Portuguese sunshine and practicing kayak together. A fun and refreshing team building activity that will motivate and inspire your team!

4. Go for an idyllic sunset horse riding in the golden Algarve beaches

Can you imagine a more idyllic scenario than riding a horse at the beach? Enjoy the beautiful Algarve sunset in a scenery that will inspire your team. Go for a horse ride experience by the beach in the Algarve with your team and reinforce the organizational culture, create amazing memories amongst your team and enjoy a lovely afternoon in the Algarve golden beaches.

5. Discover the Atlantic sea life and go swimming with the dolphins

The Atlantic Ocean and the Algarve coast is a beautiful coastal area, rich in sea life that you and your team will be able to experience during your stay in the Algarve. It is possible to go for a boat trip and have a memorable time while interacting and swimming with the dolphins. This team activity is an experience that your staff will cherish for life, and shared memories are very important in every organization. Promote a unique moment in your incentive travel and challenge your team to this amazing team building activity that will inspire and motivate them.

6. Embark on a memorable team-building experience and set sail in the Algarve coast

If you and your team want to discover the Algarve from a different perspective prepare an incentive travel with a sailing experience. Sailing is a team job and this experience can be extremely beneficial for your team and help develop some important team skills such as communication, teams’ cohesion, leadership, problem solving and trust. Embark on a memorable experience in the Atlantic Ocean with your team and set sail in the Algarve coast - you will create memories for life, while enjoying the beautiful landscape of the South of Portugal.

7. Invite your team to discover the cultural side of Algarve with a fun segway tour

Day or night, there is a lot to discover in the Algarve. From birdwatching in Ria Formosa area, to cities full of history and cultural activities, to vibrant nightlife nearby the Algarve marinas… you will be astonished by the variety of activities that the Algarve has to offer. Challenge your team for a unique tour in the Algarve that will inspire them and incite their creativity. If you want to double the fun, you can do it in a segway! You will discover an interesting array of cultural, gastronomic, historical experiences that you and your team will enjoy!

If you feel inspired by some of the top team building activities in the Algarve and would like to book your next incentive travel in the South of Portugal, it is possible to contract a complete service that includes the event planning to every and each detail. If you want your event to run smoothly, contact Incentives Portugal - we offer a complete event planning service that will guarantee your event is a success.