Behind the Scenes: Finding the Perfect Venue For Your Conference


The choice of the right venue is a very important part of any successful corporate event!

Have you heard the quote “the medium is the message”? This idea by the philosopher Marshall McLuhan couldn’t be more true when you are organising a corporate event. In fact, each detail of your event should serve the message you want to pass about your organisation, your team and your business. Therefore, choosing a venue is a very important part of the process and it shouldn’t be underestimated. We present some of the most important aspects to take into account when organising a conference and our suggestions for a successful corporate event:


Location is Everything

The location is one of the most important aspects for the choice of a venue for an event, and it should be carefully analysed. What are the goals of the event? Who is attending? How is the accessibility? When defining other aspects of the event such as the attendees and the goals of the event you will immediately have the right clues to define the best location for a successful event. Remember that having a beautiful surrounding and other interesting things to do nearby are important factors as well and can make a difference! When you choose a location that make your guests happy, the good impression of your event have a long-lasting effect. 

Make it Meaningful for your Organisation

The choice of the venue is a great oportunity to reinforce the organisational values of your company. This is the chance to get creative and make your event genuine and not just another corporate event. Don’t be afraid to be bold and make it significant for you and your guests.
Does your company promote healthy lifestyles? Maybe it makes sense to host your event in a place where is possible to be outdoors… Do you work with technology? Then a modern high-tech building might be the right place. To make your event memorable and coherent, it is fundamental that the venue reflects the messages that the company wants to transmit. There is plenty of choice and certainly one that will make sense for your unique organization.

Event Management and Logistics of the Venue

Besides the aesthetic aspects of the venue, it is very important that you are aware of what your event needs in terms of event management. What are the logistics and what kind of infrastructure is needed? Depending on certain aspects of your conference, it might be necessary to adapt the venue to accomodate all the guests or to make it happen in the way you planned it. Make sure that you have a list of any guests with special needs, any equipment you might need and all the resources, personnel and material needed so that you make sure your venue of choice has all you need and is available! So it is crucial that all the details regarding the event management are accounted for and planned when choosing the right venue.

A Specialized Team

Preparing a corporate event can be a very demanding and stressful process, especially if you are managing all the details from abroad. Therefore, contracting an experienced and specialized team in the destination can be a great help when organising an international conference. By having someone who makes sure everything is running smoothly with suppliers, technicians and caterers you will have the time to focus more on the guests and the primary goals of the event, which will certainly compensate greatly the investment for a team of event managers.

Portugal, a Perfect Destination for Corporate Events

If you are still looking for the perfect venue for your next conference, Portugal is a country with many to offer: from easy access, some of the greatest venues, good weather year round, great infrastructure and professionals with a vast experience in international conferences, combined with widely appreciated gastronomy and wine, this could the next destination for your corporate event.
From unique heritage places, world-class exclusive hotels, venues that display a beautiful landscape to seaside venues with great facilities; there is plenty of choice and certainly one that will be perfect for your organisation.

If you are curious about some of the best venues that Portugal has to offer, you can discover all the information by contacting the team at Incentives Portugal and enquire about some of the events they organise. The team has a vast experience supporting international organisations planning and managing corporate events and they will be happy to guide you through the process.