Choose Algarve to Add That Mediterranean Flavour to Your MICE Events


Imagine a beautiful paradise by the ocean, packed with charming places, lovely weather, delicious food, exciting activities and an amazing landscape to explore: welcome to Algarve, the place to look for if you’re planning a Corporate Event.

Why Portugal?

If you and your team are passionate about the seaside, Portugal is an excellent choice to explore the beautiful landscape by the Atlantic Ocean. From incredible cliffs to amazing world class beaches, this is the way to go. Apart from that, Portugal has a lovely weather, and especially the Algarve, with 300 days of sun per year - packed with a very warm climate, thanks to the proximity with the Mediterranean Ocean and the African coast. Thanks to this, it is quite pleasant to enjoy the outdoors and explore the landscape, all year round.

Moreover, Portugal is such a diverse country: on a short trip you will find mountain, beach, monuments, vibrant cities, flat land, vineyards… Such a variety for every taste and something different to do every day. Also, this a place where traditions meet modernity, so you will often find unique historical traditions with an original and very trendy twist - from foods to cultural practices - this is something very interesting to explore.

If you want to know Portugal as an insider, food is a great part of Portuguese culture: from fresh seafood, grazed meat, olive oil, codfish and wine, there are a lot of traditional dishes you will have to try. Based on a delicious “mediterranean diet”, the Portuguese Gastronomy is based on natural produce and ancestral recipes, all of them will make the delicacies of you and your team.

Why the Algarve?

Such a peaceful place

If you want your team to feel at home, to make them relaxed and happy, the Algarve region is an excellent choice. This region by the seaside is an incredible place to do an incentive travel thanks to weather and the range of activities that can be done.

Logistics - everything you need

Despite being a unique and authentic place, the Algarve is not isolated and it has a great range of infrastructure that makes it ready for any type of corporate event. It has an airport, which makes it easily accessible and many hotels and venues with great experience in receiving big companies, to make sure your event runs smoothly.

Team Building activities

The good weather in the Algarve makes it very nice for outdoor activities, and the fact that it is located so close to the sea also opens the possibility to enjoy a variety of sea-related activities that will make the charms of your team. Discover some of the greatest activities the Algarve has to offer:

Golf Challenge

The Algarve region is world-famous for its incredible golf fields: if you want to provide an activity that develops team coordination, healthy competition and cooperation for your team, golf is an excellent way to involve all the members of the team in a very healthy and pleasant sport, while enjoying the beautiful local landscape.

Private cruises

Whether you are developing a team building activity or a corporate event, it is possible to enjoy the Algarve from a different perspective by doing a private cruise and discovering more about this coast. An excellent way to enjoy the lovely weather and the tranquility by the sea.

Surf Experience

If you want to promote a vibrant and fun activity, surf is a great way to include the entire team and improve cooperation and self-esteem. Discover the beautiful coast of the Algarve region, while enjoying a surf class that your team will certainly not forget!

Kayak at Ria Formosa

Ria Formosa is a lagoon with barrier islands that communicates with the sea, and this unique wetland hosts a great variety of animals and plants, which are within the area of a Natural Park for the protection of these unique species. You and your team will have the opportunity of doing a pleasant kayak journey in the lagoon, with the opportunity of sightseeing some of this natural beauty. An activity that will promote team interaction, creativity and cooperation.

If you are curious about Team Building activities and corporate events in Portugal, and you are feeling inspired to organize your next MICE event in the Algarve, feel free to contact our expert team. We will be more than happy to guide you through the process and we have the resources to offer tailored packages that suits the needs of each company. With us, you will add that “Mediterranean flavour” that everyone is talking about to your corporate event!