Being Socially Responsible

Being Socially Responsible

We think that being socially responsible means being part of the solution. And we do believe that this way of thinking is not a choice, it must be the foundation of every action and every decision made by business.

Therefore, being socially responsible is at the core of our values. We take both our commitment to the environment and to the communities in which we seriously operate and strive to ensure that we are ethical in all our business practices.

Responsible for Local Community

We recognise and value the communities that we operate within. Our commitment includes supporting local non-for-profit organizations, cultural projects, and we form and maintain links with local schools for work experience placements. Furthermore, we support our employees that wish to volunteer to actively assist local community projects.

Responsible for Environment

We are eco-friendly. We actively seek to reduce our impact on the environment. More than a feeling, for us it's a duty. We do believe that being concious to our environment and planet is a way of living. We utilize a variety of best pratices to ensure that our waste is minimized and we support the environmental conservation. And we definitly work with suppliers and partners that follow these environmental rules.

Responsible in the Tourism Sector

It’s our personal mission to accomplish the commitment for the responsible and sustainable development of Tourism. We daily follow the demands of the responsible use of natual and cultural resources, the conservation of landscapes and biodiversity and the minimisation of pollution and waste, also having a strong influence on the socio-economic developement in the regions where we operate.

Furthermore, in our business is crutial to promote a safe and healthy work environment and provide fair working conditions for employees, suppliers and customers.

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