A safe heaven can be found in the middle of the Atlantic.With springtime temperatures all year long, Madeira Island was considered the best island in Europe for the second year in a row, by the World Travel Awards.

Madeira: the island of the eternal spring charm

Madeira Island is considered the Garden of Europe and is just a short flight away from the most European cities. Its abundance is immense: green vegetation, avocados, mangoes, orchids and bougainvillea blossom in the rich soil of an old volcano.

With a stunning 99 miles of coastline, here can be found incredible natural pools carved out of lava rocks, thermal springs, cliffs overlooking the ocean, waterfalls, charming towns, adventurous trailers, gorgeous landscapes and fern-covered ravines. And its popular feasts, like the Carnaval or the Flower Festival, placed this island on top of the world.

Suggested Activities in Madeira Island

Madeira is great for combining work and leisure time. If your team needs a touch of adrenalin, you head to the right land.

Venues and Places in Madeira Island

Madeira Island has the seal of quality for incentive trips. This elegant and sophisticated destination, with a stunning natural landscape, has a suitable infrastructure for every kind of event. Therefore, it is the ideal destination to host congresses, meetings or incentive trips any time of the year.

Regarding to venues, here you can choose among several special settings like modern hotels overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, historic places harmoniously liked with the Nature, amazing museums, resorts, hills and universities. Here the places can recall the past but they certainly point to the future.


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