The Climate

The climate in Portugal pleases everyone. This country has a warm Mediterranean climate with an average of six hours of sun per day. Its winters are so mild, quiet and short. And its summers are warm and long but cooled by agreeable sea breezes.

And this is a country where the light is particularly impressive. With an amount of light available naturally, no wonder why the movie industry loves shooting here. It’s hard to beat these advantages!

The Easy Access

Portugal has five main airports spread strategically throughout the country (Lisbon, Porto, Algarve, Azores – Ponta Delgada – and Madeira – Funchal). All of them fit all kind of budgets, from low-cost companies to first class and business class travel.

Furthermore, the roads are also a plus, with highways connecting all the major cities and considered some of the best in Europe. And as Portugal is not a large country, people can get almost everywhere easily and efficiently by train or bus. And the number of people visiting Portugal by cruise traffic is fast growing.

The Cost

Undoubtedly, Portugal is one of the cheapest European travel destination. Never compromising the safety and the high quality, its prices for tourism stuff are very competitive and well below the European average.

The Colourful and Cultural Heritage

Portugal is a country of contrasts and so it can appeal tourists with different preferences, budgets and expectations.

People can choose among the mountains of the North, the vines of Douro, the golden plains of Alentejo, the green sceneries of the islands and National Parks, the sandy beaches of the coastline, the city landscapes of Lisbon, the sites of UNESCO or the historic environment of Porto. From urban towns to rural lands, the harder part will be to select.

The Gastronomy and Wine Culture

Portugal is serious about wine. This country is considered one of the best wine destinations in the world and this does not happen by chance. Here, the Port Wine is the king of these nectars, but here are also produced the famous Alentejo and Minho wines.

And as Portugal is a nautical nation, the seafood and fish dishes are simple divine. The Mediterranean influence is unsurprisingly strong and the game meat also gives a special touch to this incredible Cuisine.

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